LedDance Hungary | Hungarian dance group

The group celebrates its 12th anniversary this year. Besides their stage and variety theatre dance performances, they were the ones to introduce the "leddance" style in Hungary, with which they have been extremely successful all over Europe. In addition to their special glow costumes and tools they entertain their audience with the Visual dance-projector , spectacular and bubble dances in their repertoire. 

The group representing various styles has entertained its international audience throughout the contient from Italy to Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria and England at differnt festivals and carnivals.

Our productions contain live music and percussions instruments are also parts of the performances so that every generation could find their music style according to their tastes.

Several entertaining elements are to enrich the productions ranging from enormous flower ring to butterfly-wing costums, majorette, modern and latin-american dancers. Led-light tools are added to the night performances in order to make them even more spectacular.

The group is more than delighted to represent itself at international carnivals and festivals.

...The performances will be realized in LedDance Hungary team and Lesz Dance Art and Sports Association...

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